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Established in 2004, Glessner Promo is a top rated promotional product distributor, affiliated with Kaeser & Blair Inc. That's the "category" we fit best within, BUT... we are so much more than that...

We'll discuss that in a minute but, first, we'd like to share why the Glessner Promo - Kaeser & Blair partnership is significant.  

K&B is one of the largest distributors in our industry. They are financially solid. Since their inception in 1894, they have paid their bills to our suppliers 'on time, every time' and never missed a payroll, not even during the Great Depression. That's quite a track record of integrity and our suppliers truly appreciate the relationship. As a result, they give K&B many, many exclusive deals which we can pass along to our clients. Additionally, they provide all our back office support, which frees Glessner Promo to do what we do best and serve our clients. We love that ...because we don't believe in customer satisfaction, we believe in client devotion. Our time, energy and passion is focused, like a laser, on delighting our client other words, devoted service.

It all starts with the goal we have set for ourselves and we are very serious as we pursue it.  
Our goal is "to be the most truly customer-centric company in our industry and to achieve  partnerships that are viewed by our clients as strategically important."

Therefore, we have a promise for our clients, rather than a mission statement for ourselves.

We pledge to:

  • Understand you better so we provide the products and services you really want & need. 
  • Commit to being solution, rather than product-oriented.
  • Allocate our resources with you, our client, in mind.
  • Present you options through creativity and resourcefulness. 
  • Give you the gift of simplicity saving you time & hassle... and by being easy to reach and work with 
  • Guarantee your peace of mind by always doing exactly what we say we will do.
  • Dedicate ourselves to your success.

You will find that we are not your 'average' promo dealership. For one thing, our expectations are different than many. Often times, expectations actually create results. We don't believe in 'average.' We want more for our clients than, merely, an adequate ROI. We want our client's projects have remarkable results.

Secondly, we have the required knowledge & experience base to provide you with powerful solutions that meet your company's needs... whatever they might be. With over forty years combined, broad-based business expertise in everything from strategy & finance to marketing & employee engagement... our team is highly knowledgeable about the three critical P's of highly successful business: People, Presence, and Profit.

So you see...

it's true... we are a promotional products distributor, able to supply your company with every possible promotional product from over 3000 suppliers 


We are "engagement specialists" devoted to being your true partner.

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